TaeVerge is my term for My Martial Arts Lifestyle! I am a 20+ year student of TaeKwonDo, and also have many years training in Gumdo (A Korean Sword Art).

On this website I would like to share my creative training methods, philosophies,  and excitement. You don't need any Martial Arts experience to get involved here, but at the same time,  those with experience will also be able to appreciate and engage some of these unique training methods.  My most important goal that I hope to convey here is to make our workouts and exercises FUN and mentally engaging as well as sharpen and improve body mechanics to maximize our quality of life.

An empty workout is just a physical repetitive mindless exercise.

I prefer my workouts deal with technical aspects that strive to engage the mind and the core where the KI or Key to our inner energies reside. The core or our center should be our main ingredient for almost all of our body motions.

Aligned Energies

We need to Align our energies to obtain our synergy. Energy As I see, is the most important need that we must feed, seed, and encourage to cycle through our body as we breathe to keep this process fresh and constantly engaged.  Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed.


Total Control TaeKwonDo

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